Can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner? Autumn and Winter are the best time of the year! Our calendars start bursting at the seam with all the wonderful and festive events, the days get shorter (literally), the colors are more crisp, the food is yummier, our houses transition in decorations multiple times, and we go from being obsessed with pumpkin spice to peppermint everything in the blink of an eye! We love everything this season has to offer, and despite our very busy schedules, at Quiltique we make sure to have some 'me time'. Most of that time is spent behind the sewing machine getting our creative juices going! I respect how busy you are, so I have rounded up all of our Halloween kits right in one place with direct links. Oh, and two of these are on're welcome!

Greetings for Ghoul-friends

Patch Work

Under a Spell


BOO Table Top


I hope that some of these work for your Halloween, or if you are like me, get inspired for next Halloween! Be sure to grab them before they are gone. Oh, and if one of these 'me time' projects turns into a gift that is what we call WINNING!